Me MAde May Week 3

I can’t believe it’s already week 3 of me made may! This week I finished college for 3 months! I am super excited to get to put more energy into this blog, the vlog and to open an Etsy shop.  I’m going to do a video and short blog post all about Etsy shop so stay tuned for that. Now let’s jump into what I wore this week.

May 15th

Today we were painting our exhibition boards at college so wearing two me made clothes I was happy to destroy was tough. I came up with a brilliant plan. For Christmas last year I made my dad two jumpers, one that worked and one that didn’t. The one that didn’t work so well was perfect for dad to wear to work because the only thing I did wrong was getting the stretch the wrong way on the cuffs. So I borrowed this out, my dad’s wardrobe, wore me made underwear, Agnes top and bandana.


May 16th

I was dying to wear my #Sewtogetherforsummer shirt dress and today I finally got wear it! Tomorrow I am planning on filming a video on how I made this etc. I love this dress so much but I didn’t want to give the whole dress away on Instagram just yet so I wore my black jumper knitted by my mum.


May 17th

Today was my first day of freedom and I decided to film a knitting update video, I wore a jumper my mum knitted me for Christmas and my Sew Over it Ultimate trousers.


May 18th

Today was errands day so I wanted to be comfy and since the sun was out I grabbed by frilly cami top. I love this top, It’s a great British sewing bee pattern and the skirt is Simplicity 1370.


May 19th

Today I had my final exhibition and was world IBD day so I filmed a video in the morning and headed to the exhibition in the evening. I havent worn my cat Agnes top in ages so I put that on under my wool dungaree dress which is a hack fo the Newlook 6095.


May 20th

Today I was doing some dyeing so I spent the morning is scruffs. After my morning of dyeing I put on comfy clothes, So we know what that means! My comfy trousers and an Agnes top. I am getting sick of seeing these on my Instagram feed, I don’t know about you! I decided to make another pair these.


May 21st

You will be happy to see that I am not wearing my floral casual trousers, instead, I’m wearing a striped pair with pockets that I whipped up yesterday. I want to make two flannel pairs of these and then I think I am sorted for comfy trousers.


I can’t believe that next week is our last full week of MMMay 2017. I am hoping to be able to keep it up next week, I know its going to be hard because I’m not actually planning on leaving the house a lot! Thank you for reading…

Zoe x


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